Why is the UMI blockchain so fast and secure? Decentralization myth

UMI and UMI One App are innovative solutions in the field of blockchain technologies and DeFi products. Distinctive features of UMI are high transaction speed, reliability due to master and validator nodes, security and decentralization. These are the characteristics that make crypto earnings on the UMI blockchain a pleasant and easy experience. For a demanding user, a simple enumeration of benefits is unlikely to be enough.
They may have a series of follow-up questions:
Why is the UMI blockchain technology considered to be the fastest and how does it affect users?
How does the blockchain ensure safe earnings on the Internet and protect against intruders?
What role does the validator node play in the UMI network and what is the main purpose of the master nodes?
Is decentralized finance really that much decentralized and how does the UMI blockchain deal with this problem?

All of these questions will be answered after watching this video.
It clarifies the structure of the UMI blockchain and explains how lightning speed, reliability and security are ensured. Proof of high transaction speed:

Installing a validator node: https://umi.top/en/nodes
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