Why it doesn't matter that mining profits are down (How YOU can decide how much money you're making)

In this video I explain why mining profits being down in 2022 doesn't matter. If you look at whattomine right now it looks like GPU mining profits are low, but I'm going to explain why mining in 2022 is still profitable! In this video I use Ethereum mining profitability in 2022 as an example, but the same concepts apply no matter what coin you are mining! So, is Ethereum mining still worth it in 2022? Is mining profitable in 2022? To answer these questions, there are two fundamental concepts about GPU mining we have to understand. The first one is that mining profitability is actually NOT decided on the day you mine your Ethereum, it is decided on the day you SELL your Ethereum. The second concept in crypto mining we need to wrap our heads around is that while a lot of people think GPU mining is a way of making money by creating a steady passive income, it is actually a way to get crypto at a discount! After watching this video I hope you will have learned why mining profits aren't really down in 2022 and that mining can still be profitable in 2022.

Cryptocurrency Mining
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