Why the European Parliament VP has been hodling Bitcoin since 2015

Straight from beautiful Davos, we are tuning in to share with you a series of interviews and overall insights from Blockchain Hub Davos 2022. Our journalist Joe Hall spoke with Eva Kaili, the vice president of the European Parliament, and in this interview, we are going to hear about the future of blockchain adoption and integration in Europe, how technology will ensure security for mass usage of crypto, how the digital euro is being developed, and more on the future plans of Eva and the European Parliament for integrating blockchain technology. Stay with us!

0:00 Intro
0:41 When did you get involved with Bitcoin?
1:06 Is the European Parliament into Bitcoin as well?
1:29 How should Bitcoin be used?
2:28 Why are people still skeptical about cryptocurrencies?
3:58 What is DeFi in your opinion?
4:51 How do smart regulations help blockchain applications?
5:18 Will there be a blockchain voting system within the European Parliament?
6:28 What are the most recent changes in blockchain technology?
7:34 How could CBDCs and a digital euro develop?
9:00 Will the value of the euro change due to U.S. stablecoins?
10:05 What excites you about blockchain becoming mainstream?

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