Why VECHAIN is the next BITCOIN? (VET VeChain Cryptocurrency)

Why VECHAIN is the next BITCOIN? (VET VeChain Cryptocurrency)

Can vechain flip the top ranked cryptocurrencies in the future?

Taking a close look at some of the most innovative techs powering today’s cryptos, it won’t be hard to conclude that VeChain is a revolutionary platform that has the potentials to forge new frontiers in the crypto universe. VeChain was originally designed as a product for anti-fraud technology. But the network has been evolving and is now used largely as a supply chain management service. It was targeting product piracy with its unique mechanism as it gives a unique identity to each product which can then be monitored through the network’s tracking mechanisms. However, after rebranding, VeChain is now utilized by organizations and firms to monitor their supply chains. Instead of being an ordinary blockchain, VeChain specializes in supply chain management which gives it a distinct edge in a market flooded with cryptocurrencies. The platform indeed has immense value.

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what is VeChain?(0:28)
VeChain white-paper(4:30)
The Prices of VeChain(4:59)
Opportunities of VeChain(5:56)
The Future of VeChain(7:05)
My Thoughts(8:03)

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