Why you can't find a blockchain developer

The blockchain space has sure hotted up since the cryptowinter of 2018.

As a result, blockchain engineers and smart contract developers are in more demand than ever.

Entrepreneurs and companies are seeing vast sums of money pouring into DeFi and payment remittance project, and want in on the action.

What they don't want to do is pay for the back-end work that needs to be done to design, build, and run such project.

if you want to hire someone suitable, you're going to have to compromise. At the bare minimum you'll need to offer:

✅ Rates well above the software development average,
✅ Remote working as standard,
✅ Part-time as an option,
✅ An efficient non-toxic, non-bureaucratic work community.

Don't like it? Sorry - that's how free markets work in a capitalist society.
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