Why you shouldn't buy Bitcoin in 2022 if you have Crypto FOMO

If you have a fear of missing out on crypto, that's one of the worst reasons to contemplate an investment in Bitcoin, Ether, NFTs, or anything else you don't understand. But the good news is that you might already have exposure to crypto-related investments or projects if you own index funds or any other diversified investment fund.

In this video, we'll examine the phenomenon known as Crypto FOMO - why so many people are worried that they might be missing out on Bitcoin or other crypto investments. There are huge marketing campaigns, and countless stories of people who've hit it big in the past. But are those reasons good enough for you to put your money at risk?

We'll look at whether the early returns can be repeated, and why you may already have exposure through the holdings in your index funds (or other diversified funds), since companies that mine cryptocurrencies or use blockchain technology are already listed on public stock exchanges and in major stock market indexes.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Crypto FOMO
02:02 Matt Damon marketing Crypto
03:08 Spectacular early returns of Bitcoin
05:30 Bitcoin losses can be huge
07:08 Will Bitcoin become mainstream?
11:18 Should you buy Bitcoin?

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