Will 2023 change the CRYPTO dark era? | New analysis for 2023

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How FTX is the Biggest Regret of My Life:
Under an OSCE ruling, our cryptocurrency assets are being transferred into Canada in a bit-by-bit wallet that is owned by a great, 100% compliant regulator there. Assets documentation? No blending of accounts; leverage on the accounts That's what counts most, and I believe that's the best place to be right now.
There are guidelines for exchanges. Exchanges all across the world, including the NYSE and NASDAQ, are already subject to regulation. Why don't we just demand the same regulations on a cryptocurrency exchange and save ourselves the time? Regulators in the US are engaged in a turf war, and we aren't making any progress. However, there will be significant push to reduce this restriction going forward.
Let's focus on passing one small piece of legislation at a time. The Stable Clean Transparency Act, which solely considers a stable coin, is the easiest to pass out of all the bills we have. It's not very complicated, but there are a lot of them. Finally, the proposed policy states that each stable coin created must undergo an audit every 30 days to ensure that each token or unit is backed by a single U.S. dollar that is in reserve or a combination of Treasury bills with a term of less than 12 months, which is exactly how money works.
That would result in a stable coin that would allow both sides to agree. the world's standard payment procedure. For oil and other commodities, we use it. Why wouldn't we want to employ it in this situation? Therefore, in my opinion, completing it will give you a regulator-level judgment. If you want to think of it that way, should that be governed by the Treasury, which controls the currency, or should it be handled by the SCC or another lawmaker who oversees payment methods like credit cards, etc., or do the states have any say in it?

Therefore, these problems need to be fixed. But if lawmakers on both sides of the aisle put their minds to it, you'd think they could figure it out and pass just that one bill that would be really beneficial before moving on to the many digital commodities acts that deal with Bitcoin and other tokens.
Many individuals now understand that because digital tokens and currencies are so interconnected and interdependent, you may gain exposure to them by holding just four or five separate positions.
If you desire exposure to Bitcoin, you can do it by holding positions in the cryptocurrency itself, possibly along with some Etherium or polygon. If you desire a level one on top of the Etherium payment systems and possibly one additional, you don't need to hold 20 places.
The focus will be on the locations and contents of the current storage facilities for these assets. Certainly, 32 is no longer necessary. Although we will drastically cut back, we will maintain our position. However, as we bring everything up into Canada, we're really calling across the portfolio.
The China Wild Card, however, has always been a wild card. And the main topic is the China shutdowns. Finally, the populace has had enough. In the meantime, that does put risk on the market in a variety of ways. And that is something that we all have to cope with.
Therefore, I believe that while this issue is being resolved, we will likely trade inside a band of 50 basis points while keeping an eye on the Federal Reserve.
There is a lot of back and forth on this.So I'm being very careful in the market and investing more in high-quality firms that pay dividends and whose vibe is still positive. It's getting so monotonous right now that you almost want to scream. You want to be in large cap, S&P, and unique circumstances where private equity is effective. But compared to a year ago, it takes a lot more labor. Nothing can just be purchased. Expect it to increase. Metastatic slaughter has occurred in the media stocks. That calamity that happened there.
Many pieces of technology are actually being examined for fee compression. So it's not simple. Working a lot right now. We have these debates every day and have money to invest. Even though it's really difficult, we will remain in a trading range.

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