Will 3060 Ti be good for mining after Ethereum 2.0? Hashrate, overclocks, power & profit on 25 coins

In this video I review the RTX 3060 Ti to see if it will be good for mining after Ethereum 2.0 in 2022. I test over 25 coins to see the mining hashrate, efficiency, profitability and overclock settings. Some of the coins I test in this review of the 3060 Ti for mining is Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Ergo, Conflux, Conceal, Bitcoin Gold & Aeternity. These are the same coin algorithms that are also used for many other popular GPU mineable coins like Firo, Neoxa, Ethereum Classic & Aion. That means we can use these results to see the RTX 3060 Ti hashrate for over 25 coins. Also in this video we have a look at the current mining profitability for this graphics card. After watching this video I hope you will have a better understanding of is the RTX 3060 Ti good for mining after Ethereum 2.0 & have a good overview of the RTX 3060 Ti mining hashrate, profit & overclock settings in 2022. Some RTX 3060 Tis are LHR, but LHR has been fully unlocked for mining: https://youtu.be/iXSoEW_5AHY

Cryptocurrency Mining
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