Will HEX Crypto Collapse? (Here's What You Need to Know)

#hex #matic

00:00 GM babes welcome to the stream xo
00:50 Will #hex collapse?
04:30 Analysing #hex charts
07:40 Back to the HEX story
12:25 Prepare for heavy regulation
15:15 Sympathy for #sbf
20:30 Big banks buy up #metaverse trademarks
22:30 Holding the FED accountable
25:05 USE CODE CRYPTOWENDYO for Bitrefill 5% bonus rewards PARTNER AD https://bitrefill.com/cryptowendyo
27:45 Dirty #robinhood shares
31:15 Weird FTX retail store
33:40 #alameda CEO admits crime & fraud
34:40 UK parliament hacked
35:45 #btc weekly
36:40 NEXO VAULD acquisition update
37:55 Bitcoin miners support the power grid #bombcyclone
40:20 #elsalvador teaches Bitcoin to students
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