YOU may get a 2nd chance to buy altcoins before Bitcoin PUMPS

00:00 Welcome back to the O show my babes !! xox
02:10 The entire #cryptocurrency market (CryptoBubbles)
02:15 #btc 12h, 4h, daily & 45m
05:25 #eth daily, 12 & 1h
08:15 #binance CZ denies Reuters claims
10:30 Optimism Coin #op pumps 90% after upgrades
18:30 SEC vs Coinbase/ delisting securites
22:15 How to pick solid crypto projects
23:00 #tron is now second largest stablecoin chain by market cap
24:45 Judge claims false evidence in Satoshi Nakamoto identity case
28:15 #cryptocurrency vs traditional finance
32:00 #gala chart
33:20 #matic chart
34:00 Charles Schwab lists first ever crypto ETF fund
40:30 The entire crypto market
41:15 Pay attention to the #bitcoin halving countdown
TYSM for watching guys, sending you all love & light xxx

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