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Crypto mining algorithms - Enterprise blockchain applications can be built on the public permissionless Ethereum Mainnet, or on private blockchains that are based on Ethereum. Permissioni...

Crypto mining algorithms

What Is GPU Mining?

Proof of work PoW is a form of cryptographic proof in which one party the prover proves to others the verifiers that a certain amount of a specific computational effort has been expended. Verifiers can subsequently confirm this expenditure with minimal effort on their part.

PoW and PoS proof of stake are the two best known Sybil deterrence mechanisms. In the context of cryptocurrencies they are the most common mechanisms.

One popular system, used in Hashcash , uses partial hash inversions to prove that computation was done, as a goodwill token to send an e-mail. For instance, the following header represents about 2 52 hash computations to send a message to calvin comics. It is verified with a single computation by checking that the SHA-1 hash of the stamp omit the header name X-Hashcash: including the colon and any amount of whitespace following it up to the digit '1' begins with 52 binary zeros, that is 13 hexadecimal zeros: [1].

Whether PoW systems can actually solve a particular denial-of-service issue such as the spam problem is subject to debate; [5] [6] the system must make sending spam emails obtrusively unproductive for the spammer, but should also not prevent legitimate users from sending their messages.

Finally, some PoW systems offer shortcut computations that allow participants who know a secret, typically a private key, to generate cheap PoWs. The rationale is that mailing-list holders may generate stamps for every recipient without incurring a high cost.

A website can demand a PoW token in exchange for service. Requiring a PoW token from users would inhibit frivolous or excessive use of the service, sparing the service's underlying resources, such as bandwidth to the Internet , computation, disk space, electricity, and administrative overhead.

This would save the resources otherwise needed to 'mint' a PoW token. The anti-counterfeit property of the RPoW token was guaranteed by remote attestation. Since the source code for Finney's RPoW software was published under a BSD -like license , any sufficiently knowledgeable programmer could, by inspecting the code, verify that the software and, by extension, the RPoW server never issued a new token except in exchange for a spent token of equal value.

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This value is the highest it has ever reached and an indication of good tidings for the cryptocurrency. Over the years, there has been growing interest in the bitcoin currency so much so that its value has grown to resemble that of gold. The future is promising for bitcoin miners and enthusiasts. Of these three, bitcoin mining is perhaps the most exciting option as it sends miners on a path to discovery. There is a caveat. Bitcoin mining can be quite taxing as it requires very high computing power to solve complex mathematical equations to verify transactions and add them to the blockchain digital ledger.

The first step for a miner to add a new block to the blockchain is to select a set of Our results indicate that our algorithm runs faster than previous.

At its peak, cryptocurrency mining was an arms race that led to increased demand for graphics processing units GPUs. Despite the increased demand for GPUs, thecrypto mining gold rush quickly came to an end, as the difficulty of mining top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin increased just as quickly. Mining cryptocurrencies, however, can still be profitable. So, what is crypto mining, is it legal, and how can you get started? This article takes a closer look at these questions. Most people think of crypto mining simply as a way of creating new coins. Crypto mining, however, also involves validating cryptocurrency transactions on a blockchain network and adding them to a distributed ledger.

Ethereum Algorithm Explained

Are you a techie who knows how to write?

Start a conversation. Enter your search term here Help Quick Start. How to start mining? Start here and learn the crucial basics perfect for mining beginners.

How Crypto Mining Works

AMD Ryzen processors now used​​ for cryptocurrency mining have a large L3 cache. The Raptoreum mining algorithm was designed to take advantage.

Energy Efficient Multiprocessing Solo Mining Algorithms for Public Blockchain Systems

As Bitcoin approaches mainstream adoption and recognition, its fundamental security model, characterized as mining, is being put under the spotlight and scrutinized more and more everyday. People are increasingly concerned about and interested in the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining, the security and degree of decentralization of the underlying model, and even the potential impact of a quantum computing breakthrough on the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In order to truly understand these questions and any possible answers , you need to have a fundamental understanding Bitcoin mining itself and its evolution. This article will explore all the technical components and moving parts of proof-of-work, and how they seamlessly synchronize with one another to allow Bitcoin to be the decentralized platform it is today. The Bitcoin blockchain is often described as a database that is cryptographically secure and, subsequently, immutable. The underlying technology that powers this immutability and security is cryptographic hashing.

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How To Mine Cryptocurrencies

Proof of work PoW is a form of cryptographic proof in which one party the prover proves to others the verifiers that a certain amount of a specific computational effort has been expended. Verifiers can subsequently confirm this expenditure with minimal effort on their part. The concept was invented by Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor in as a way to deter denial-of-service attacks and other service abuses such as spam on a network by requiring some work from a service requester, usually meaning processing time by a computer. The term "proof of work" was first coined and formalized in a paper by Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels. PoW and PoS proof of stake are the two best known Sybil deterrence mechanisms.

The concept of mining is a fundamental part of the cryptocurrency world. It occupies the minds of cryptocurrency veterans and recent enthusiasts alike. However, as essential as mining is for cryptocurrencies, the details of this vital function are often skipped over.

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Processes are an integral part of today's world, driving services and internal functionalities in businesses, governmental bodies, and organizations around the globe. While there are plenty of systems available for supporting the execution of such processes, the current practices for monitoring and analyzing this execution in the organizational reality still leaves a lot to be desired. Process Mining is able to fill that gap, providing revolutionary means for the analysis and monitoring of real-life processes.

Process Mining research is concerned with the extraction of knowledge about a business process from its process execution logs. Process Mining strives to gain insight into various perspectives, such as the process or control flow perspective, the performance, data, and organizational perspective The processmining. ProM is an extensible framework that supports a wide variety of process mining techniques in the form of plug-ins.

It is platform independent as it is implemented in Java, and can be downloaded free of charge. We welcome and support practical applications of ProM, and we invite researchers and developers to contribute in the form of new plug-ins. Transition System Analysis result by elapsed time with the second-last state selected.

Transition System Analysis result by remaining time with state 8 selected. ProM 6 is distributed in parts, which offers maximal flexibility. This means that you can download and install ProM 6 without restrictions, but that any software that uses the core also needs to be distributed using the GPL license. Note that the use of third part software might require a plug-in to be issued under a different license than the L- GPL license, but in principle ProM 6.

Viewing the log dialog of exercise1. Inspecting exercise1. Viewing the log summary of exercise1. Using the explorer to inspect the traces in exercise1. Start the Transition System Miner on exercise1. The correct settings for the Transition System Miner. The expected resulting transition system. The Petri net created from the transition system for exercise1. Viewing the log dialog of exercise2. Inspecting exercise2. Using the explorer to inspect the traces in exercise2.

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Vultr Global Cloud Hosting - Brilliantly Fast SSD VPS Cloud Servers. % KVM Virtualization.

Origin and OriginPro

SINTECH (Science and Information Technology) Journal

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ProM Tools

Figure 1. I Hary recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal registration required about the introduction of Relationship Mining software in companies. USA Today also has a similar article. Upon scanning the contact information the software build maps of all the relationships found in the repositories. There is no doubt on the potential usefulness of such a product.

Course Outline 1. Pengantar Data Mining 2. Proses Data Mining

Pluginboutique is the place where the best music software Dec 10, · Tutorial for Cm3d2 presets database Rem/Ram Mod Cm3d2.

Quantitative Data: Definition, Types, Analysis and Examples

You'll notice there are two modes, simple and advanced. Presets Mod Loaders 5. Coffee table 3.

How much hashing power the pool has - the more hashing power, the higher the chances the pool, as a whole, has of receiving block rewards. XMRWallet is an open-source, free monero wallet.

How Venture Capitalists Think Crypto Will Reshape Commerce

Staking lets you earn regular rewards on your cryptocurrency holdings. Our all-in-one service for major proof-of-stake blockchains lets you earn crypto staking rewards with no technical setup required. Calculation is based on current market rates which are susceptible to changes.

Therefore, the calculator only provides an indication and does not constitute a guarantee of future rewards. Get in-depth insights on current and future trends from Bitcoin Suisse Research and Dr. Bitcoin Suisse is not just one of the most reliable crypto-financial service providers in the space, but they are always a pleasure to work with, providing friendly and thoughtful customer service.

They are rock solid. There is no better choice in the region, and possibly globally. Coming from traditional finance, I feel privileged to open this new world of possibilities to our clients.

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Supercharge your Portfolio

Additionally, Nexo's user-friendly platform places a high premium on Crypto Credit Lines, a high-yield Earn Crypto Interest suite.

StormX: Shop & Earn Crypto

The rise of using cryptocurrency in business has been saved. The rise of using cryptocurrency in business has been removed. An Article Titled The rise of using cryptocurrency in business already exists in Saved items. An increasing number of companies worldwide are using bitcoin and other digital assets for a host of investment, operational, and transactional purposes. As with any frontier, there are unknown dangers, but also strong incentives. Explore the kinds of questions and insights enterprises should consider as they determine whether and how to use digital assets. Why consider using crypto? The use of crypto for conducting business presents a host of opportunities and challenges. As with any frontier, there are both unknown dangers and strong incentives.

Best Cryptocurrencies

Best Cryptocurrencies

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Bitcoin "doesn't seem to be scaring off the institutions. In fact, they're capitalizing off of it," said one crypto expert.

Producer, director, actor and politician Kamal Haasan is set to become the first Indian celebrity to have his own digital avatar in a metaverse. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action. Stock analysis. Market Research. Nifty 17,

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The best privacy online

Coinbase Global Inc. reported third-quarter earnings Tuesday afternoon. Coinbase Global Inc. plunged 13% from an all-time high Tuesday.

5 NFT Games You Can Play to Earn Cryptocurrency Rewards

Police and Thief Game. Crypto Rocket Launch Plus. Timeframe: 24h.

At a time the crypto-market is undergoing a global expansion, the sector of non-fungible tokens NFTs is also gathering intrigue. Built on the blockhain technology, NFTs are virtual representations of real life items like video games, songs, and paintings among other stuff — that hold real monetary values and can be purchased using cryptocurrencies. The NFT sector has, in recent times, made its way into the multi-billion dollar gaming industry, leading to the creation of — NFT Games. Some of these games actually reward players with valuable crypto-assets.

Digital-currency investors face scams and volatility in quest for attractive interest rates.

By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss. NEW YORK Reuters - Ethereum has outperformed major digital currency rivals this year, bolstered by the surge in decentralized finance DeFi and the anticipation of a technical adjustment this summer, but it faces hurdles that could stall its rise. Technically, ethereum is the blockchain network in which decentralized applications are embedded, while ether is the token or currency that enables or drives the use of these applications. A rise in institutional interest has increased ethereum demand, but supply has been limited. Many sites run on the ethereum network, using an open-source code with algorithms that set rates in real time based on supply and demand.

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Follow the Smart Money, see where funds are moving to, identify new projects or tokens, and trace transactions down to the most granular level. Make informed decisions before you invest in a new crypto project or token. Create real-time custom alerts and get notified when and where a wallet has been moving its funds. Crypto experienced tremendous growth in DeFi brought in the money and NFTs brought in the people. We will likely see similar themes continue to grow and develop in However, it remains to be seen whether such a trend would sustain.

So here are some cool tidbits I found about. Allow me to share a few tips and tricks that I've picked up from using the tool extensively. Great product! We really hope you like your Bluprint honorary NFT! Love, Bluprint. It is my go-to dataset when attempting to dissect on-chain movements and to the learned eye, contains plentiful bouts of alpha.

Definitely a must-use for crypto professionals". Simply put, I do not make investment decisions without consulting it first. Research Blog Nansen Reports. About us. Company Info Careers. Special offer! Follow the Smart Money Get an edge over everyone else by tracking the behavior and on-chain activity of prominent wallet addresses. As seen on.

Discover new opportunities Follow the Smart Money, see where funds are moving to, identify new projects or tokens, and trace transactions down to the most granular level. View Gas Tracker. Perform due diligence Make informed decisions before you invest in a new crypto project or token.

View Polygon Dashboard. Defend your positions Create real-time custom alerts and get notified when and where a wallet has been moving its funds. Chains we support. Latest blogs.

Spencer Noon.

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You can report issue about the content on this page here Want to share your content on R-bloggers? Thomas is Senior Data Scientist at Pharmalex. He is passionate about the incredible possibility that blockchain technology offers to make the world a better place. You can contact him on Linkedin or Twitter. Milana is Data Scientist at Pharmalex. She is passionate about the power of analytical tools to discover the truth about the world around us and guide decision making. You can contact her on Linkedin.

Background: This research uses exploratory graph analysis to analyze the transaction data of the Ethereum network. This is achieved through.

A Big Data Analysis of the Ethereum Network: from Blockchain to Google Trends

Extract and visualize the data from the Blockchain that you never could before. Create custom graphs and track metrics in real-time using Tenderly. Tenderly processes the blockchain in a unique way and using source code mapping is able to extract almost everything little thing you can think of from the chain. Block by block, transaction by transaction, Tenderly is in full sync with the network.

Once miners confirm a new block, the blockchain records all the information about the latest transactions.

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Help us translate the latest version. As utilization of the network continues to grow, an increasing amount of valuable information will exist in the on-chain data. As the volume of data rapidly increases, calculating and aggregating this information to report upon or drive a dApp can become a time and process heavy endeavor. Leveraging existing data providers can expedite development, produce more accurate results, and reduce ongoing maintenance efforts. This will enable a team to concentrate on the core functionality their project is trying to provide. You should understand the basic concept of Block Explorers in order to better understand using them in the data analytics context. In addition, familiarize yourself with the concept of an index to understand the benefits they add to a system design. The Graph Network is a decentralized indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data.

Ethereum Mixer Analytics, Research of the anomaly of the transactions pattern, caused by the automatic "mixer", generated up to a half of all transactions. The Analytics Club counts more than students who all share their passion for data science, machine learning, and analytics.

Analytics Club at ETH

Analyze cryptocurrency market data

John Hawkins formerly worked for the Bank for International Settlements and two central banks,. Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, has got himself a pair of laser eyes — on his Twitter profile at least. The law will take effect in September. Some Bitcoin fans have leapt on this as a step towards much broader acceptance. So what is Bukele thinking in wanting to make Bitcoin legal tender for the small central American nation population about 6.

The International Monetary Fund tells El Salvador it shouldn’t use Bitcoin as legal tender

Among the stories on social media Tuesday were those of people successfully using Bitcoin to pay for goods. After the launch Tuesday morning, officials took down Chivo , El Salvador's virtual Bitcoin wallet, so they could attempt to increase the capacity of the image capture servers. While much has been made across the world of El Salvador's historic economic move, excitement within the country may be much lower. Many respondents said they didn't know how to use the cryptocurrency, the poll found.

Critics of the experiment — including some of Bukele's political opponents — wore T-shirts to parliament on Tuesday to express their opposition to the new Bitcoin law. But it's not just the economy. Bukele's government is also facing pushback from the international community over a recent court decision that was widely seen as unconstitutional. On Friday, judges appointed by El Salvador's parliament, which is dominated by Bukele's party, concluded that the president could run for a second term in , according to CNN.

Bitcoin suffers hefty loss after chaotic El Salvador debut

The Central American country of El Salvador is currently facing crypto-related issues after its citizens complained about fraudulent transactions in their government-issued Chivo wallets. In recent days, some Salvadorans have complained that Bitcoin tokens in their Chivo wallets are going missing mysteriously. In September, El Salvador became the first country ever to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Since then, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has been boasting about his country's economic progress on social networking platforms. Presently, however, complaints about missing Bitcoin tokens Chivo wallets have made their way on Twitter. People have been bombarding Twitter in Spanish with screenshots to make their case. Several Salvadorans are reaching out to the government as well as Chivo wallet authorities for assistance, demanding answers and help.

After the “Bitcoin law” was passed on June 8, Bitcoin became a legal tender of El Salvador. This meant that Bitcoin could be used for everyday.

IMF urges El Salvador to scale back its push for Bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador's legislative assembly has approved legislation making the cryptocurrency Bitcoin legal tender in the country, the first country to do so, just days after President Nayib Bukele made the proposal at a Bitcoin conference. The digital currency can be used in any transaction and any business will have to accept payment in Bitcoin, with the exception of those lacking the technology to do so. The U. The exchange rate between the two currencies will be established by the market and all prices will be able to be expressed in Bitcoin — although for accounting purposes, the dollar will continue to be the currency of reference.

Expert insights, analysis and smart data help you cut through the noise to spot trends, risks and opportunities.

The IMF warns El Salvador to drop Bitcoin as a legal currency

IMF urges El Salvador to ditch Bitcoin as more countries clamp down

IMF urges El Salvador to ditch Bitcoin as more countries clamp down

Mondaq uses cookies on this website. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies as set out in our Privacy Policy. As cryptocurrencies and other digital assets gain more prominence in the financial landscape, El Salvador is making headlines around the world for its adoption of bitcoin BTC as legal currency in the country. As of 7 September , El Salvador became the first country in the world to recognise bitcoin as legal currency, through the entry into force of the Bitcoin Law and Decree No. The Oversight Board of the Public Accounting and Auditing Profession, the entity that regulates accounting in the jurisdiction, issued an accounting application guide for bitcoin that considers how to account for transactions. It has taken into consideration compliance with the asset elements established within the conceptual framework of the IFRS standards and depending on the use for which the company will hold the cryptoassets: either as a means of payment a current asset , or for trading a non-current asset.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged El Salvador to abandon Bitcoin, saying the cryptocurrency could pose risks to national financial.

Cryptocurrency: El Salvador’s experiment has shown regulation must be part of the future of bitcoin

MIZATA, El Salvador, Nov 20 Reuters - This November 20 story corrects to show Blockstream executive Samson Mow talking about the possibility of countries issuing bitcoin-backed bonds rather than 10 after company said he had misspoken and issued a correction. El Salvador plans to build the world's first "Bitcoin City", funded initially by bitcoin-backed bonds, President Nayib Bukele said on Saturday, doubling down on his bet to harness the crypto currency to fuel investment in the Central American country.

IMF urges El Salvador to scale back its Bitcoin push

IMF urges El Salvador to scale back its Bitcoin push

By Matthew Sparkes. El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender on 7 September. The currency could be used for shopping, or to pay taxes. Existing subscribers, please log in with your email address to link your account access. Paid quarterly. Inclusive of applicable taxes VAT. A Salvadoran ….

Curious tourists poured into the town and foreign businesses set up shop. The Bitcoin law, which came into force on Sept. Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele claims 2.

Cryptocurrency mining is a power-intensive process that requires you to leave your GPU running at full power for prolonged periods. Perhaps, this explains why so many miners are curious to know whether mining can cause damage to their GPUs. So, what is the truth behind these concerns? Does mining damage GPU? Mining with a GPU is relatively safe for the most part.

How To Overclock a Graphics Card – Mining

Rtx undervolt guide. RTX is currently, based on synthetic tests and gaming performance, one of the best GPUs on the market. Ive tried rolling back driver updates on the rtx and still no fixes. Hey folks! Thanks in advance! I would like to further undervolt my RTX to test out the maximum efficiency.

A new all-metal shroud houses three powerful axial-tech fans that utilize durable dual ball fan bearings. Voltage mV. It is the most suitable solution for those who are gaming, rendering, and developing A. Hello new users! Note : - Every card might have a difference, I request you to do enough testing Small beginner's undervolting guide for rtx FE. Nvidia switched to LHR tech. I know how to undervolt with MSI Afterburner blindly.

By Monica J. So basically series and newer. How to undervolt your ryzen cpu. You can easily gain great efficiency by drastically reducing power consumption, lower temps, lower noise, and keep the same stock performance. Undervolting to mv I'm now comfortably reaching MHz. Full-fledged NVidia RTX mining benchmarks finally appear, shedding light on performance video cards.

It is nothing that would destroy the card right now, but there are no long-term tests for this memory yet. As it turns out, this is not the first time the owner of this rig, Simon Byrne, has come up with such a system. It is The 27th. The mod with the heat conductive pads costs hardly any effort and money, but in my opinion it is the ideal prevention to avoid possible late effects from 21 Dic Intel Core iH 8 x 2. Is the card even capable of going below I'm eyeing picking up a laptop, a Legion 5 with w adaptive power draw for it.

Due to high demand, the notify queue sign-up is temporarily disabled. I can go higher voltage but not lower. Msi afterburner — latest beta: tags overclocking rtx rtx undervolting.

This means your GPU may perform worst or better based on your luck in the hardware. Takt Anyway, Dizzy Mining could establish the accurate Today, we have optimized and maxed-out our RTX FE and RX But without the undervolt on stock settings for the gpu, something like sea of thieves can get to 86c I have also updated my bios as there was a new version but still didnt help it. How to undervolt a GPU: The ultimate guide to For all voltage points greater than mv, drag them to or below mhz.

In the middle of the app window, you will see the Core Clock slider. December Nvidia drivers Ti Compliant of 2 Dec have the same problem,additionally it works incorrectly with GPU and memory clocks with Series. I also upgraded the driver from Now that you know how to undervolt your GPU, you can get maximum performance at lower voltage levels.

I'm still tinkering part of me wants to put the thing under water part says this is fine Compare. N-Key Rollover: Supports 80 simultaneous key presses. The and Ti overclocking is the same as with the 20xx series. Alexa said: Also, a tip, don't just overclock. Hola a todos!! Undervolt as well. Warranty: 3 Years. Although this GPU has more video memory and costs less, its downside is the bit Interface.

Hello everybody. It happens. To me, there is something about getting every drop of performance for the lowest price possible that makes me happy inside.

Afterburner will adjust the points to be the same frequency as our locked voltage. Keyboard lighting can be turned off. I like a lot the Precision X1, and I think that you can do undervolt with this program, but I can't find any tutorial. Question is always on boost? But without the undervolt on stock settings for the gpu, something like sea of thieves can get to 86c I have also updated my bios as there was a new version but still didnt help it.

Apparently, Ravencoin consumes more power from the wall if you do not properly undervolt the RX XT. If you want good clocks, lock the card at a high frequency with a lower voltage. Published on: October 18, Ive tried basically everything at this point and if anyone can help id really appreciate it. I was able to shave some power on each card. The tool will detect whether a firmware update is supported, and if supported, will give the user the option to update it.

Some locals say a bitcoin mining operation is ruining one of the Finger Lakes. Heres how.

Some locals say a bitcoin mining operation is ruining one of the Finger Lakes. Heres how.

Are you worried about the graphics processor giving off more heat than usual? Overheating GPU can not only damage its own core, but also harm other components of the computer. The GPU is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in a computer, so no one wants their precious device to be damaged by overheating. Therefore, monitoring the temperature of the GPU is a must. Let's explore how you can determine when your GPU is overheating, its causes and symptoms, and finally what you can do to cool down your GPU.

Unfortunately, it's entirely possible to damage GDDR5 chips while leaving the GPU itself unscathed. Anyway, a card used for mining might.

US Man Installs Crypto Mining Rig in Hybrid BMW Sportscar

How to monitor your computer’s CPU temperature while mining

There used to be two types of users who worried a lot about CPU temperatures. One is Gamers and over clockers and the other one is laptop owners.

How to Mine Cryptocurrency with GPU Mining Rigs

2 (mining bitcoin) the mining procedure works great and it changes the gpu gpu heats up further it won't be able to spin the fan up and may overheat.

And the pricing situation for new GPUs only worsens when you factor in crypto miners and their hunger for every new piece of hardware. So, used GPUs can be quite enticing, as they cost significantly less than new ones. GPUs get hot when pushed hard. Therefore, manufacturers equip GPUs with cooling solutions.

Nicehash low hashrate. We recommend the high share difficulty if you mine with more than GPU's. The pool pays out several times a day with the minimum payout being 0. BitFuFu offers its users a. The Monero mining profitability results and mining rewards were calculated using the best XMR mining calculator with the following inputs. Nvidia RTX can reach

Hive os gpu error. To learn more about every firmware's features, check our website.

And the pricing situation for new GPUs only worsens when you factor in crypto miners and their hunger for every new piece of hardware. So, used GPUs can be quite enticing, as they cost significantly less than new ones. GPUs get hot when pushed hard. Therefore, manufacturers equip GPUs with cooling solutions. In serious cases, you can end up with a faulty piece or something on the verge of complete failure. Furthermore, miners often mod their GPUs for mining. For instance, they might have overclocked the card or flashed a new BIOS.

Discussion in ' Player Support ' started by notw2 , Jun 8, Log in or Sign up. PlanetSide 2 Forums.

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